A Personalized Candle for any Corporate Occasion.

A unique corporate gift is hard to come by these days. Be it for your superiors, employees or clients, there's always a candle to suit the occasion. Personalize a corporate gift with our candles for your office event today!

Choose Your Candle Style

Large Jar Candles

Get the longest burn out of this 22-oz. size candle.
(110-150 hours burn time)

Large Tumbler Candles

2 candle wicks to double the fragrance to love, giving off a stronger & more intense throw.
(75-110 hours burn time)

Available in two candle styles, pick your preferred business gift for any corporate client or employee. Learn more about Large Jar Candles and Large Tumbler Candles.

Personalize Your Candle In 3 Easy Steps

1. Send us an image with your message
Choose an image you like and also the message that will come along with your personalized candle.
(e.g. company logo, company photo)

2. Let us know the fragrance, quantity & candle type.
Are there any specific scents you're looking for? What is the quantity you would require? Choose between our Large Jar Candles or Large Tumbler Candles.

3. You're Done!
Email us at customercaresg@puresenses.co and your personalized corporate gift candles will be delivered to you in no time!

For Your Inspiration

Here are some custom corporate gift ideas for your candles!

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